In need of a new website to better connect with the surrounding community, East Morgan County Library commissioned me to fully revamp their website. This project prioritized an easy to navigate and organized layout that provided its patrons, young and old, a clean and straightforward way to approach their public library from the digital world.

We accomplished this with the frequent use of large and distinct icons that directs the users eye to its content, allowing them to easily browse through the plethora of resources the library has to offer, but not feel lost in the process.

EMCLD was excited to show off their library– a beautiful historic burnt orange brick building, and a colorful, intricately organized space that has so much to offer children and adults of all ages. We accomplished this by photographing the unique aspects of the space, and displaying large, full width banners on every page of the website.

A library stands as the beating heart of a community, and EMCLD wanted the community to see their heart on its sleeve.